November 21, 2008

Sex With A Ghost

Catchy title huh? Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “In The Midnight Hour” should have perhaps been called that. Okay, maybe not but it would have been catchy! I have been a fan of Grey’s Anatomy since it first aired. This episode was one of the best – seriously.

The interns went rogue and tried performing a solo surgery without the help of any residents – on themselves. Lexie (Meredith’s half-sister) and Sadie (Meredith’s BFF) came up with the great (disaster) idea to perform an appendectomy on Sadie - while she was awake! The surgery went terribly wrong and Meredith and Christina had to come to their rescue with Bailey to save Sadie’s life. Needless to say, the interns are now in serious trouble. Think Izzy pulling Denny’s L-Vat wire trouble.

Speaking of Izzy and Denny, that is where this Blog title comes from. Yes, Denny is dead. However, Izzy has been seeing him at the hospital and now at home too. Is she crazy or really seeing Denny’s ghost? Either way, she had sex with a ghost (or perhaps just herself) last night. I for one miss Denny’s character being on the show, but it is just turning into a big weird thing now. Especially since Alex is Izzy’s boyfriend now. What is with him and crazy chicks? If it is true (as I have read in rumors) that Izzy is getting a brain tumor and that is why she is seeing Denny, does that mean she is going to die? I hope not!

Christina and Meredith had a huge fight, Mark was shown to have a softer side, Mer and Der are still together, Christina and new-boy (what’s his name?) are maybe starting their relationship, Callie gets her nose broken from a patient, and George well I barely remember him in the show (what is up with that?). I can’t wait for the new episodes!

Did any of you see last night's episode? What did you think?


Ashlee K said...

Hot and steamy! I think they should bring back Denny somehow. Ghost form is a bit weird though!! I hope they don't kill off Izzy :( That'd make me sad!

Jen said...

Ohhh! I love Grey's Anatomy. Best show on TV in my opinion. The ghost thing is just getting a bit oh beyond weird though!