November 18, 2008

Clean Up Your Messy House!

Last week I saw the Oprah show with Peter Walsh for their new series (on the show) about cleaning up your messy house. I really enjoy taking part in some of the areas that Oprah offers her viewers. So, I figured I would take her up on this “course” with the help of my Mom. After all, it is her house and whenever I just organize and clean up a space it ends up returning to its former havoc within a month or two.

The course from Oprah’s website is really easy to signup and be a part of. Just go to her website and signup for an account (yes, it is free). Then signup for the newsletter(s) you want to be a part of. After that, just print out the “Clean Up Your Messy House Pledge” and sign it. Then each month you will get new assignments for cleaning up your home. Committing to 10 minutes each day can change the life of your home!

I am sort of a neat freak, sometimes. When I had my own apartment, everything was always where it was supposed to be and nice and clean. However, now that I am living back at “home” with my parents I have just one bedroom. My computer space, living room and bedroom are now all-in-one. Not very space-friendly.

The image I used for this blog is of my bedroom. I can only get in a few angles, so that will just have to do for now. I don’t like how it is setup and plan on rearranging it totally. My closets (yes, 2 but they are small and awkward so don’t go getting jealous or anything) are a disaster spot too. Basically, I have quite a bit I want to change in just my bedroom as it is.

I’ll post updates on this project I am undertaking with some new pictures along the way as well. I invite you all to join me on my de-cluttering journey and let me know how you are doing as well.

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