November 29, 2008

Roll Tide Roll

I’m not really a big sports-fan type of girl. However, after moving to Alabama I quickly learned I had to root for the local team here. My family and friends here are all big Alabama football fans. So, naturally I am too now. The games are fun to watch with them, and who doesn’t like a chance to drink and have good food?

Alabama’s rivalry against Auburn - the other team in Alabama is BIG here. Either you are an Alabama fan, or you are an Auburn fan. Quite often houses are divided and things can get pretty ugly. I haven’t personally seen this, but I have heard about it. The Iron Bowl is the game played against the two teams. Today’s game was huge. Alabama is ranked #1 but hasn’t won against Auburn in six years. They had a lot to prove – and they did!

Alabama defeated Auburn 36-0 at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, AL. What a game it was too! Alabama played great. The first half was a bit slow, but once Alabama started scoring they were on a roll! In the second half alone they scored 26 points. Auburn didn’t even make 1 point. Alabama sure gave em’ hell!

“It was obviously a great win for our fans, and it was a great win for our players,” said Alabama coach Nick Saban. “We don’t have a player on our team who has experienced this before, so that was our goal.” Well said Nick, well said. Way to go on your excellent coaching abilities!

Auburn’s coach Tubberville on the other hand, sure sounded like an idiot that graduated from the University of Denial in his after the game interview. His faces and motions during the game were priceless. He knew he was as done as the turkey he had for Thanksgiving.

Needless to say, everyone was thrilled and cheering on Alabama at the party I was at. The game was good, the beer was cold, the food was good – what more can one ask for one mere hour after getting home for Thanksgiving?


Ann said...

About time Alabama won! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

Jen said...

Let's hope they beat the Gators next weekend!!! Give em' hell Alabama!!!

Tiger Fan said...

Ah man Auburn should have won!!!!!!!!!! Oh well what can we do? Such a sad score though :(

Sheri said...

Auburn didn't even score 1 point, I don't see how they "should have won." Either way, they did play a good first half. Maybe they will have a better season next year for ya Tiger Fan. :)