September 5, 2011

The Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

The Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly is the conclusion to the Rose trilogy by the author. If you haven’t read The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose, this is still quite an enjoyable book that takes you to another time and place to escape while reading the novel.

Book Description
The Wild Rose is a part of the sweeping, multi-generational saga that began with The Tea Rose and continued with The Winter Rose. It is London, 1914. World War I looms on the horizon, women are fighting for the right to vote, and explorers are pushing the limits of endurance in the most forbidding corners of the earth. Into this volatile time, Jennifer Donnelly places her vivid and memorable characters:

  • Willa Alden, a passionate mountain climber who lost her leg while summiting Kilimanjaro with Seamus Finnegan, and who will never forgive him for saving her life;
  • Seamus Finnegan, a polar explorer who tries to forget Willa as he marries a beautiful young schoolteacher back home in England;
  • Max von Brandt, a handsome German sophisticate who courts high society women, but has a secret agenda in wartime London.

Many other beloved characters from The Winter Rose continue their adventures in The Wild Rose as well. With myriad twists and turns, thrilling cliffhangers, and fabulous period detail and atmosphere, The Wild Rose provides a highly satisfying conclusion to an unforgettable trilogy.” – The Wild Rose

My Thoughts
This is a historical novel that takes place during WWI in London. The historical details included are intriguing, and really does a fabulous job of making it feel like you are there. Books that can captivate me enough to lose track of time, and have me staying up late into the night to keep reading – is always a major plus for me.

Donnelly doesn’t just write a historical love story though; it also has suspense, espionage, seduction, and even murder. There are multiple plot lines throughout the book for the characters, and some you won’t see coming at all.

The main characters are enchanting, and have you wondering what will happen next. Aside from the main characters, there are also many sub-characters that are very interesting and could possibly have their own spin-off stories.

The Wild Rose is the third book in the trilogy. Normally, I wouldn’t have started with the third book. However, after having read this one, I plan on reading the first two books because I enjoyed this one so much. The author does a great job of telling the story for those who haven’t read the first two books, she will however, make you want to read the other two as well. So, if you haven’t read the first two, don’t worry – you can still read and enjoy this one too.

I highly recommend this book for everyone who has read the first books in the trilogy, and also for those who haven’t read them.

* Thank you to the publisher of The Wild Rose, Hyperion, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Sarah said...

I'll def. pick this up next time I go to the mall. I loved the other two in the series too!

Anonymous said...

Nice review! If you enjoyed the Wild Rose on its own, you will LOVE the first two books! I'm jealous -- I'd love to go back and meet young Fiona for the first time after discovering her in middle age in the Wild Rose.

My guess is you'll want to re-read Wild Rose after you read the other two! Enjoy!!