October 7, 2011

The Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue

The Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue is a look into the new type of children that have arrived called “Crystal Children.” These kids may seem a little bit different than other kids, but that is okay, and can actually be quite a good thing. If you think that you might have a Crystal child, or maybe think you might be one, this is an excellent book to find out more about these very special kids.

Book Description
“Crystal Children are the new generation that has come to the Earth plane after the Indigo Children. They are approximately ages newborn through five, although some members of the first wave of Crystal Children are as old as seven. These kids are like Indigos – highly psychic and sensitive – but without the dark edge and the anger energy.

Crystal Children are beautiful inside and out – one look in their eyes and you can see Divine love and wisdom. Their auras are bright, radiant, and opalescent – they seem to glow from the inside! They talk about past lives, distant galaxies, and profound insights concerning peace and love.

This book covers many issues that affect these special kids (such as healing abilities, connections to nature, eating habits, and so on) and also includes interviews with the Crystal Children themselves and their parents and teachers. It points out ways to keep these kids happy and healthy, and how to avoid the pitfalls that could spoil their special gifts.”The Crystal Children

My Thoughts
The Crystal Children is a must read book for everyone who has a child that they think might be one of these special kids. However, if you were born around the mixture time of Indigo children and Crystal children (such as myself), you might want to read this book too. Some of the Crystal children came before the big wave came through in the mid-90s. This is actually the reason I purchased and read this book, and I’m quite glad I did!

This is a small book, but it explains more than you can imagine about Crystal children. I enjoyed reading the descriptions of the children, and also what their parents had to say about them.

As I read through the book, I found myself asking my Mom many times if I did any of those things as a child. Not surprisingly, I did. I don’t have all of the qualities of the Crystal children though. I have many of the Indigo qualities too. If it is possible, I think that I am a mixture of both.

Although not all of my personal questions were answered by reading this book, I still find it to be a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

* I did not receive the product reviewed by the publisher. I just loved it and wanted to share it and review it. All opinions expressed are my own.


Amanda said...

I've heard about this before but never looked or read into it. What is the big difference between Indigo and Crystal kids or adults? How can you really tell which you are?

Anonymous said...

I've awlays liked crystals. maybe I am one? I was born in 2000.

Mari said...

I love Doreen Virtue, but I haven't read this one yet. It's on my list.