October 17, 2011

Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver by Stephen Harrod Buhner is a must buy book for everyone that has Hepatitis C, or other liver issues, or knows someone that does. This book could help you with Hepatitis C treatment where traditional medicine prescribed by doctors has failed (or is unaffordable).

Book Description
Herbal Medicines Offer Hope for Combating Hepatitis C
More than 500 million people worldwide carry the deadly hepatitis C virus (HCV), and hepatitis C poses a public health crisis far greater than the AIDS epidemic. This deadly disease, which can go undetected for years, eventually attacks the liver, causing cirrhosis, cancer, and even liver failure. Conventional medical treatments for hepatitis C have limited effectiveness. In Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver, Stephen Buhner examines the most recent research on how hepatitis C affects the body. He offers important information, practical guidance, and hope.

This book includes:
* Clear descriptions of the common medical tests and treatments for hepatitis C -- what they mean and how effective they are.
* A guide to knowing and using the top herbal medicines that work to protect the liver and strengthen the immune system.
* A protocol for cleansing and strengthening the body with a combination of diet, herbs, and lifestyle changes.” – Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver

My Thoughts
Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver gives those who have this disease hope. Above all else, it offers this, and when looking at the research of those using the herbs for Hepatitis C, it is worth a shot.

The book covers the basic information about Hepatitis C, such as how it is possibly contracted, what it does to your body, and much more. It also explains how viruses act in general, which is quite helpful for people to understand it, especially those who don’t know much about microbiology.

The main portion of the book is about the herbs that can be used for the liver and those who have Hepatitis C. The information covered about each of the herbs suggested is quite detailed, and the author does a great job explaining it all. By the end of the book, you’ll know much more about using herbs and should feel comfortable using them, even if you’ve never used herbal remedies before.

One of the most important chapters included in the book is the part on the HCV protocol for the treatment of hepatitis c with the herbal treatments. If you don’t know where to buy these herbs, there are references in the back of the book that you can contact to purchase the herbs online or over the phone.

A healthy diet for Hepatitis C is essential to those who have it. There is more that can be done with this though, which is adding in the herbal supplements as part of the Hepatits C treatment suggested in this book. I highly recommend this book for everyone to read that has the disease and also to those who know and love those who have it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver, Storey Publishing, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Laura said...

Thanks for sharing. I have a loved one that has this disease. I will be sure to get it for her.