September 25, 2012

And Live Rejoicing by Huston Smith

And Live Rejoicing by Huston Smith is a remarkable and memorable memoir by an amazing soul that has truly lived while here on Earth. In his worldwide travels, Huston has experienced many different religions, met with numerous leaders, and embraced spirituality and traditions of cultures with enthusiasm, awe, and the ability to tell his journey about it all like no other.

Book Description
“Chapters from a Charmed Life — Personal Encounters with Spiritual Mavericks, Remarkable Seekers, and the World's Great Religious Leaders

Spiritual trailblazer Huston Smith has written comprehensive books about religion and a memoir of his own life, but nowhere has he merged the two elements of seeking and experience with such storytelling flair as he has in these pages. Few have done as much as Smith to explore and illuminate the world’s religions and spiritual traditions, and none have done it with such accessibility, wonder, and delight. In this joyous volume, he looks back on his extraordinary life, describing riveting scenes with unforgettable characters in India, Africa, Tibet, and Japan. Smith’s charm and exuberance come through on every page.” – And Live Rejoicing

My Thoughts
And Live Rejoicing is a different kind of memoir than most I have read. It is more of a spiritual memoir that is told by someone that quickly seems like your close personal friend or mentor by reading it.

Huston’s life and the religious studies he has embraced around the world is amazing. What I love most about this book and the author is that he embraces everything that is thrown at him, and rejoices at the experience of it all. Lucky for us, he has compiled many of his traveling and religious encounters with us in this memoir of his spiritual journey.

This is a beautifully written account of Huston Smith’s life. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of And Live Rejoicing, New World Library, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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This sounds like a very uplifting book!