November 29, 2012

Modern Magic by Kirsten Riddle

Modern Magic by Kirsten Riddle is a refreshingly simple take on magic for modern times. There are no complicated ingredients, spells you have to memorize, or any of the other things that make it a little bit too “woo-wooy” for modern people to want to attempt. If you want an easy to read and fun book about magic in a modern way, this is the book for you!

Book Description
Taking a wholly original approach to self-improvement, the innate magic within each person is harnessed in this spiritual survival guide that reveals how to utilize everyday routines and surroundings in becoming a better version of oneself.

Offering a modern appeal and quirky sense of fun, newcomers to the practice of magic or those hesitant to commit to a new lifestyle will find the book to be a relaxed, welcoming aid that will inspire confidence in the art.

The author also takes on existing rituals and magic from different eras and nations and adapts them to the contemporary reader. Enchantment as part of the everyday and the incorporation of common objects into magic, including modern technology, is clearly explained. The book provides instructions on how to manifest what is needed to fulfill desires and needs, and for individuals to fully embrace the creative and contemporary aspects of themselves.” – Modern Magic

My Thoughts
Modern Magic is written simply and to the point. It is fun to read and nothing about it takes too long to understand. It is spiritualism and magic in a very condensed and fast approach that people can relate to. Don’t think that what you’re getting isn’t just as powerful as long rituals or ancient spells though, it is, when done with passion and purpose.

I enjoyed reading this approach to magic and spiritualism, and find it to be very true to what I believe in as well. It can be used with everyday activities and items, and it doesn’t have to be drawn out and complicated to get magical results. If you want a modern book of magic, this is the one for you. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Modern Magic, Findhorn Press, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Michelle said...

A modern take on magic that doesn't use a ton of spells and stuff I'd never remember or be able to find? Count me in!