March 29, 2013

Faeryland by John Matthews

Faeryland by John Matthews is a magical book about faeries that enchants the reader from the first page to the very last. Open up this book, and take a trip to Faeryland.

Book Description
The author of Abrams’ How to See Faeries (with Brian Froud) opens the land of faerie to all readers. The book provides a broad overview of faeries, including a Who’s Who of Faeries; Good Faeries vs. Bad Faeries; Faerie Courts; Faerie Spells; and Faerie Sightings. Faeries of the British Isles as well as those of Scandinavia, Germany, North America, and even the Asian, Arabic, and African worlds are discussed. Matt Dangler and other contemporary fantasy artists bring the land of faerie to life alongside such fine artists as William Blake, Henry Fuseli, and J. M. W. Turner. Faeryland contains an envelope of faerie photos to use as postcards; an invitation from Puck to a Faerie Ball; a 19th-century faerie pull-out map (currently housed in the Library of Congress!) and more.” – Faeryland

My Thoughts
Faeryland is a beautiful book about faeries. As someone who loves faeries (no matter how you choose to spell it), I collect everything about faeries that I can. This is one of the books that I truly love that focuses on all things fae. So, if you love faeries as much as I do, or perhaps you know someone who does, this is a must-get book!

So, what makes this book so awesome? The artwork is my favorite part to the book. It is in full color, the cover is sparkly, and all of the artwork features faeries and faery landscapes. The parts of the book that are interactive is also fabulous. You get an invitation to the Faerie Ball from Puck, faerie photos, faery map, and more. The history of faeries and information about the different types was well researched, and is a joy to read. I highly recommend it for everyone fascinated by faeries and want to take a trip to Faeryland.

* Thank you to the publisher of Faeryland, Abrams, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Rose Solari said...

I love John Matthews' work! Great post.

I'm a writer a new novel out that I think might be of interest to you, as you are interested in metaphysical thing. It's called A Secret Woman - here's a link to more info.

Would be happy to get you a review copy, if you'd like. All best, Rose Solari

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks like a great book! I love all the faery and other metaphysical type books you review. Great job!