March 27, 2013

Future Primal by Louis G. Herman

Future Primal by Louis G. Herman is a book that encourages us to move forward, by reflecting on our collective history. The current way our society is going will not sustain everyone at the pace it is on. However, we can change this! Political philosopher, Louis G. Herman shares and teaches us about that, and so much more in this book.

Book Description
How should we respond to our converging crises of violent conflict, political corruption, and global ecological devastation? In this sweeping, big-picture synthesis, Louis G. Herman argues that for us to create a sustainable, fulfilling future, we need to first look back into our deepest past to recover our core humanity. Important clues for recovery can be found in the lives of traditional San Bushman hunter-gatherers of South Africa, the closest living relatives to the ancestral African population from which all humans descended. Their culture can give us a sense of what life was like during the tens of thousands of years when humans lived in wilderness, without warfare, walled cities, or slavery. Herman suggests we draw from the experience of the San and other earth-based cultures and weave their wisdom together with the scientific story of an evolving universe to help create something radically new — an earth-centered, planetary politics with the personal truth quest at its heart.” – Future Primal

My Thoughts
Future Primal is the type of book that leaves you feeling hopeful for the future, and also teaches you about life in ways that you didn’t expect. This book covers a wide range of cultures, historical periods, and disciplines to answer the big questions in life such as “Where are we?”, “Where do I come from?” and “Where should we be going?”

Louis G. Herman is the type of college professor I wish I had. Thankfully he wrote this book for everyone to read that truly makes it feel like he taught you, and is something that is very affordable for everyone to benefit from reading. This is college textbook quality learning at bargain discounts, people! Actually, it is better than textbooks because it isn’t likely to make you fall asleep reading. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Future Primal, New World Library, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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