June 20, 2014

Check Out Young Living Essential Oils!

I am really excited to get to share with everyone one of the things I have been involved with lately… Young Living Essential Oils!

A Little Background…

I have known about these oils for quite a few years now, but I never bought any myself or took it that seriously. My Mom had a kit that she bought from my Aunt like 10 or more years ago. I had used a few of them, but wasn’t too interested in it.

Then, earlier this year, I bought some essential oils on Puritan’s Pride – they have great deals, and I like good deals. I am a nursing student and not employed, so I wanted to try some of the cheaper ones first. I bought a few that my Mom still had in her (now 10+ year old) kit from Young Living. I’m looking at the ones I bought, smelling them, and then comparing them to the YL ones to see if there was really a difference. Was there? YES! First, my cheap ones expired. The YL ones do not expire. Secondly, they smelled differently. The YL ones smelled much better and didn’t burn in a bad way if it was undiluted and on my skin. The cheaper ones, well, they said do not use undiluted, do not ingest, and although they were “pure” they did not contain 100% of the oil I bought it for. So, I ended up returning the oils I purchased from Puritan’s Pride. At least they have a good return policy.

I ended up signing up to be a member of Young Living, and am now using the oils like crazy and loving everything I can make with and use them for! I’ve made rollerballs, sprays, lotions, bath fizzies, and am probably getting the stuff to make lip balm, deodorant, and who knows what else in the near future. These are high quality essential oils that have been effective for use for me and my family. I wouldn’t go back to cheaper, lower quality ones that don't work, ever.

So, ready to sign up and join me on the oily journey?

Go to my link:

Make sure you check “wholesale member” so you can get the kit with the diffuser with your membership and save 24% off the regular customer prices!

Please also make sure that my Member ID: 1860270 is the one listed for you. That way, I can get you into the amazing groups I am also a part of with Young Living and help you on your oily journey. Let me know (post here or e-mail me) so I can help you with the groups after you sign up!

The “Premium Starter Kit” that is $150 or $160 is the best way to go, I bought the $160 version because it has the new diffuser and can use regular tap water. If you also want to add some extra oils or other products to your order, you can! I did this too, enough to get the 3 free oils that month because I already had a 100 PV value, thanks to the kit. For 90 more PV, you get the free oils from that month's promo. If you like free oils, I’d suggest this, too.

If you have any questions, or get an error message, please let me know ASAP so we can get it fixed!


Couture Carrie said...

Sounds awesome!


Selene said...

I want this so bad!