June 30, 2014

Homemade Essential Oil Flea Spray Recipe for Cats or Dogs

One of the very first things I did with Young Living essential oils was to make a homemade essential oil flea spray for my cats. It could work for dogs too though.

At the time, I was dealing with a severe case of fleas with my 3 outside cats. They had never had fleas before, but this summer… it was bad. Like fleas taking over in a bad horror movie bad. I felt horrible for them and knew I had to do something for them right away… so I got out the oils I had access to and did some research.

Sheri’s Homemade Essential Oil Flea Spray Recipe for Cats or Dogs
2 Drops of: Thyme, Lavender, Purification, Peppermint
Can also try or add in: Cedarwood or Thieves – I would have, but didn’t have access to these at the time!

Fill the rest of the bottle (mine is 4 oz) with water.
Spray some of the mixture on yourself – you don’t want the fleas on you, either!
Shake and spray onto a paper towel, then wipe it on the cat (or dog). If you just spray it on them, they won’t like it! Trust me on this!

So, did it work?

Partially. The amount of fleas did continue to decline with the use of this essential oil flea spray recipe. However, my cats were in a shed that ended up having a lot of fleas (because of construction next door I didn’t want them getting too close to). They also were let back outside shortly after the flea infestation and are still outside in a yard that has some fleas still. The organic pest sprayer did come to spray the yard (essential oils can’t help a huge yard, or at least not at an affordable price). 

The fleas are becoming less and less of a problem each day. I continue to spray this on myself before going outside where they lounge on the porch, or when I go to pet or feed them. I put this on them about every 3-4 days now. I’ll try some of the other oils in the recipe as I get them, but hopefully it won’t be needed!

Essential oils use with cats has varying statements made about it. I read what I could, and went with what I felt was right for my cats. It is a heavily diluted recipe, and they all are fine after having used it. However, I strongly encourage you to do your own research regarding their usage before using them on or near your cats. Cats metabolize the oils differently than humans or even dogs, so their use needs to be more careful.

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