July 22, 2008

Celebrity Circus

I started watching this show almost by accident. It was on one night and I just got hypnotized and couldn’t help but be sucked in. It also didn’t hurt to have Antonio Sabato Jr. and Stacy Dash as two of the celebrities.

The performances each week were really quite great. Most of the celebrities really tried hard each week to get the top score and win votes from viewers. Stacy Dash was a natural as a trapeze artist. Antonio Sabato Jr. had extreme strength and was hot doing everything. Wee Man didn’t try as hard at first, but became quite good. Rachel Hunter, Blu Cantrell and Janet Evans tried, but weren’t memorable. Sadly, Christopher Knight had to withdraw from the competition due to two injuries.

Here is a video clip of Aurelia Cats performing on the finale show. She is AMAZING!

Antonio Sabato Jr. and Stacy Dash were my two favorites throughout the entire season. However, I voted for Antonio and really pulled for him to win – and he did! Congratulations to Antonio on his “Wheel of Death” trophy. I hope to see more of him on General Hospital’s Night Shift, which starts tonight!

***Update*** The videos were deleted from fox, so I uploaded new ones from youtube.

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Mandy said...

Wow! That catwoman was great!