October 9, 2009

Old Fashion Halloween Review

Thanks to Old Fashion Halloween I was able to review some of their Halloween items. Old Fashion Halloween by Dragonfly Design Studio has a wide variety of reproductions, new and original artwork, decorations and original Halloween antiques. They also have a really cool gallery of old Halloween images you can purchase to use as you wish too.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (as weird as it is – it is true!) so I was really excited when I received some of their products to review.

The Victorian lamp shade topper was my favorite. It illuminates really well when the lamp is turned on to bring out all of the designs in it.

Paper decorations with vintage original cardboard and tissue doesn’t sound like it would hold up very well. However, the Jet Witch does and it is probably one of the coolest vintage decorations I’ve seen for only $4!

The Chorus Line Banner has such cute Halloween characters on it and it looks even better in person. The only problem with this was finding just one place to hang it. I eventually settled with over the French doors going outside onto our deck.

Hep Cat Orchestra cutouts with stands is a great reproduction of an old fashioned Halloween item that looks fabulous. Plus, they look really fun in any Halloween decorations since they are in orange and black (the main Halloween decoration colors).

The two cards were also really very cool. One was of an old retro image of a girl dressed up as a bat/vampire and the other was a skeleton with glitter on it. They are too nice to send out so I think I’m going to use them as decorations and put them in frames.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how great everything looked out of the package too. Sometimes the pictures can fool you – but these items all looked just as good in person as they did in their picture on the website.

Old Fashion Halloween is a fantastic store that has really unique decorations for Halloween. I highly recommend them for your Halloween needs this year and future Halloween celebrations.

Check out the article I wrote How to Throw an Old Fashion Halloween Party on AC.


Lee said...

I've been thinking about decorating the office at work. I love Halloween.

Wendyburd1 said...

That stuff looks awesome!! I love Halloween!!

Dree said...

I love Halloween! Such a great holiday. I love decorating and just the atmosphere surrounding it.

Toronto condos said...

Halloween is great. Halloween and the Christmas period are the best days in the year and I'm looking forward to them long before. It's is also important to prepare for them seriously. I've already started with decoration but I'm still looking for inspiration. Thanks for providing some.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I loved Halloween when I was younger because of trick or treating. Definitely a best night for a sweet person like me!

e.l. said...

so cool..love the Victorian style too.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for stopping by on my special day!

Anonymous said...

Cute stuff! I love Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Cute Stuff! Love Halloween. =]

Melissa said...

LOVE the use of the products in that picture great setup!

billsookiefan said...

Wow. really good article and the picture is amazing!