October 19, 2009

The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville

Thanks to Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program I was able to review The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville. Best selling author and journalist Deborah Norville researches for this book the importance of respect in our daily lives and in society as a whole.

I selected this book because respect seems to be a lost value in our society with the younger generations (my generation included) and thought it would be a great resource in achieving success of my own.

The book cites scientific studies and uses stories based on her personal interviews about the power of respect. Norville reveals the importance and benefits of respect in areas of our lives such as: personally and with others, marriage and parenting, classrooms and education, business and leadership.

The Power of Respect is a great book that the reader can really learn quite a bit from. Respecting others as well as yourself is a key element to success – and this book tells you all about it. The ways to develop your own self respect as outlined by Norville really can help others achieve their own successes in life.

Norville did an amazing job with this book. It is an excellent book that people from all generations can appreciate.


Lucy said...

I am going to get this book, read it and then suggest it for the office.

Lee said...

I really wish I could read it...
But I don't like Deborah Norville.
Don't ask why... I Just don't.

learnxtoxfly said...

Sounds like a great book! I'll def pick it up sometime. =]

Claudia said...

Sounds good. I'll add that to my next order on Amazon, thanks for the recc.