October 14, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 12 “Beyond Here Lies Nothin”

The season 2 finale episode of True Blood resumes with the crazy large egg in the bed nest with Sookie realizing Lafayette, Tara and Eggs have all gone crazy black eyed possessed. Time to panic? Yes! Lafayette makes Sookie change into a white dress for Mary Ann’s wedding? Mary Ann appoints Sookie as maid of honor. So strange.

Mary Ann is still puzzled over what light/sparks Sookie shot out at her and why. I still think it is the fairy thing (if going by the books). However, the whole Mary Ann thing doesn’t go by the books at all hardly so really who knows? Mary Ann does want to sacrifice Sam to bring her “God” husband there.

Eric is at the Louisiana Queen’s lair still trying to get information on maenads. The queen thinks Eric is in love with Sookie too (though of course he doesn’t admit it yet). She also explains she knows Sookie is not fully “human” and more than just a telepath.

Bill goes to Sam for assistance on getting rid of Mary Ann and makes him go with him.

Jason and Andy go to Sookie’s house (aka Mary Ann’s lair) to try and save everyone but they end up just getting possessed too. At least they tried.

Mary Ann makes the “wedding party” lick the ostrich egg. Gross! Really, what is with the egg?

Mary Ann goes out to the front yard for the ceremony when Bill arrives with Sam to sacrifice in exchange for Sookie. Mary Ann agrees and starts the ritual for the “bull horned God.”

Sam is tied up and Eggs stabs him. Bill tells Sookie to use her gift. She runs to Sam and Sam tells her telepathically to destroy the egg and everything and she does with sparks shooting out of her hands even. Mary Ann is of course extremely pissed off now.

Sookie runs away from Mary Ann in the woods again but this time she is saved by a bull. Mary Ann thinks this is her God and is delighted. However, the bull kills her with its horn and the bull is really Sam who didn’t die afterall. Bill saved him with his blood and they planed it all out beforehand.

After Mary Ann dies everyone returns to normal but doesn’t remember anything that happened while possessed. Some handle this better than others. Hoyt realizes his dad really committed suicide and leaves his mom. Eggs doesn’t deal with it well though because he did after all kill people and almost killed Sam. Jane found her finger she cut off so Jason takes her to the hospital (try explaining that one to the ER doctors!).

Jessica tells Bill she is going to see Hoyt, but she doesn’t. She goes and feeds on a human truck driver. Hoyt did go over to Bill’s though to see Jessica and she wasn’t there.

Sam goes to see his adoptive parents that left him. He still hasn’t forgiven them but just came to get information on his real parents. His adoptive dad ends up giving it to him.

Eggs goes crazy and looks like he is going after Andy so Jason kills Eggs. Andy covers for him and says he did it.

Sookie gets a fabulous dress from Bill inviting her to dinner. He rents out a whole French restaurant for her. How romantic! Bill asks Sookie to marry him – in Vermont since it is legal there for them to wed. Sookie is unsure what to say so she excuses herself to the bathroom. While she is in there though, Bill gets into a fight or something and is taken hostage somewhere. Uh-oh!

I can’t wait to see what happens next season! I wish there were more episodes than just 12 to a season and I wish it came out more often. The suspense!


Lee said...

Is it bad that this show actually bores me? D:

sheri amor said...

It aired already in HBO?

Sheri said...

@ Lee - lol nah, to each their own!

@ Sheri - Yes, it airs on HBO. This episode was aired last month I was just waiting to post it when I those 2 articles were published... took longer than I wanted lol

billsookiefan said...

love the recap! makes me want to watch the whole season again! good thing I recorded it :)

Anonymous said...


Manju said...

woohoo, another true blood fan *high-five*!!! ;D
i found the last ep petty boring, there wasn't enough Eric
anyway, thanks for following ^^

Claudia said...

Nice recap of the season finale

Carina Blogarina said...

This show just started airing in Norway a month ago. I'm trying so hard to like it, I know there are so many who do and I really need a show to be excited about. But, I can't get into it. There are to many characters that ook to much a like and I have a hard time keeping them a part.. And that sookie is annoying. I love the gay chef though! He is hillarious!!