April 10, 2010

Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me

I (like many of you) love beauty products. I’m not necessarily one who believes that more expensive and prettier packaging = better quality either (not that I can afford the $500+ creams anyways).

I used to sell Avon and Mark (twice), and I really like some of their products, not all but a good portion – and their price is quite nice (especially when you sell it). Through selling their products and reading about beauty products, application, etc I thought I knew quite a bit about makeup and other beauty products.

I however, know nothing compared to Paula Begoun.

Paula Begoun’s bestselling book, Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me has been revised and updated for 2010 in its 8th edition. Who knew certain products are actually much better for the skin than others? Paual Begoun does – and she shares it with all of us in this book!

“The Cosmetics Cop” as she calls herself, sorts through thousands of products, does ingredient research and has so much information it hardly all fits in this 1192 page book! For more information, you can check out her websites: www.cosmeticscop.com and www.beautypedia.com.

This is one huge resource of information on all types of makeup and beauty products that are currently out. I checked out the ones that I use – and was quite surprised by some that weren’t so good. For instance, my “on the spot” acne treatment from Neutrogena got a neutral (but it really isn’t working for me, so I can see why now!). My L’Oreal foundation got a smiley face though, which is nice. At least that was a good product! I laughed out loud when I read about the Avon “in a wink” eyeshadow sheets – I tried these when I sold Avon, and I thought they were terrible too! Seriously, how does one get this on like it shows it should?

Overall, I think that this book is a great resource of information for all women who use beauty products (which is all of us, isn’t it?). Going by Paula Begoun’s guide (and choosing for yourself of course) which are good buys and which aren’t will save money and probably a lot of time with trying to find the better product you wanted all along.


Andhari said...

Very handy book! Wonder how she rated MAC foundation. I use it and i love it but i'm also looking for different foundation for daily use. Something not too heavy. You use L'oreal and she gave it a good rating right? I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to pick up that book! I am so terrible when it comes to picking out good beauty products.