April 18, 2010

Trine - Video Game Review

Trine is a beautifully created video game experience. It is a physics based action game which allows you to play as three different characters – a mage, a thief, and a knight.

Throughout the game you have to cleverly solve many challenges that come your way (often involving all three of the characters). Each character’s special abilities used to get through obstacles and eventually save the kingdom!

Trine is available to play on the PC and the Playstation Network. I’m doing this review based on my experience of the PC game (same game though).

I love my old school games, and this really reminded me of those. Not the graphics of course, because they are much better than those old ones. I’m talking about the gameplay and actually having to think and strategize about how to advance while playing. It isn’t one of those games where you just repetitively attack things and just constantly level up.

The three characters that you can play as was a fun aspect to the game too. Switching between the characters is very simple and if one dies, that is okay because you still have two more ready to go! The other one eventually restores their health and is up for action too.

I enjoyed playing the thief more in the beginning, I liked being able to swing from ropes and jump around (not sure if she jumps higher, but it seems like it to me!). However, as I played the game more, I enjoyed each of the characters pretty much equally.

The music played in Trine is also excellent, and is one game I don’t put on mute and watch/listen to TV while playing. Come on, admit it – you’ve done this many times before too!

If you like this type of action based, problem solving game, this is a game to definitely check out. Even if you aren’t, the graphics alone in this world is worth giving it a shot – it is truly amazing!

I rate this game a well deserved 10/10!

* Thank you to the creator of Trine, FrozenByte for providing me with a review copy and allowing me to review this game.

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Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

I get frustrated pretty easily in these kind of games and usually have to rely on downloading a walkthrough or strategy guide LOL

And yes, I've muted games while listening to MP3 before ^___^