February 9, 2011

366 Celt by Carl McColman

366 Celt by Carl McColman is a daily meditation book that is all about Celtic wisdom and lore. It covers many different aspects of the Celts that are highly interesting, and will have you reading more than one day.

Book Description
“Drawing on myth, folklore, poetry, and the tales of Celtic gods and heroes, 366 Celt provides 366 daily meditations to show how anyone can explore the power of Celtic spirituality throughout the year. Topics covered include:

• The Magic of the Druids
• Animals and plants of Celtic lore
• Fairy stories and heroes of old
• Sacred sites and ancient treasures
• The holy days of the wheel of the year

McColman has a feel for the Celtic spirit and does a fine job of conveying the spiritual practice of hospitality, the bounties of nature, and the sacred nature of place. It is indeed a rare find for all who appreciate traditional Celtic wisdom.” – 366 Celt

My Thoughts
366 Celt is the perfect introduction into Celtic wisdom and lore. If you are interested in the Celts and know nothing about it, or have read about it before, this book is really a must buy for your bookshelf.

It is written so that you could read just one page a day, or perhaps one section a day (or more). I warn you though, once you start reading, you will want to read more than one page or one section at a time!

These sections or “paths” include: Approach, Sovereignty, Druid, Nature, Bard, Mythology, Seer, Neart, Saints, Fairies, Warrior, Otherworld, Shaman, Night, Meditation, Gods, Hospitality, Devotion, Anamchara, Goddesses, Dreams, Sacred Sites, Community, Sacred Days, Virtue, Sacred Animals, Faith, Brigit, Storyteller, Magic, Three Noble Strains, Grail, Romance, Spiral, Imbas and Awen, Sacrifice, Future, Diaspora, Ogham, and the Mystic.

The book is written in an easily flowing way that makes you want to keep reading, and I did. I ended up reading the book in about 2 days. My favorite paths were about the fairies, mythology, romance, and about the Goddesses.

McColman really brings you into the ancient Celtic world with 366 Celt, and inspires you to want to learn more about it, even after you’ve finished the book. Overall, I extremely enjoyed reading this book, and will read it again. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn about the ancient Celtic world.

* Thank you to the publisher of 366 Celt, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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