February 1, 2011

The Nine Rooms of Happiness by Lucy Danziger & Catherine Birndorf, M.D.

The Nine Rooms of Happiness by Lucy Danziger & Catherine Birndorf, M.D. is the book to kick-start your inner happiness. It could perhaps also inspire you to clean out your actual house, but that isn’t necessarily the goal to the book. Find out more about this self-help book in this review.

Book Description
“Ask any woman how she’s feeling. Even when things look pretty great from the outside, chances are that at least one thing is nagging at her. Whether it’s the size of our thighs or our bank accounts, there always seems to be something that isn’t measuring up to our high standards.

In The Nine Rooms of Happiness, Lucy Danziger and Catherine Birndorf use the metaphor of a house to release us from this troubling phenomenon.

• The Basement: Memories
• The Family Room: Your nearest and dearest
• The Living Room: Friendship
• The Office: When work follows you home
• The Bathroom: Body image
• The Bedroom: Intimacy and relationships
• The Kitchen: Nourishment and the division of chores
• The Kid’s Room: Parenting
• The Attic: Expectations”
The Nine Rooms of Happiness

My Thoughts
The Nine Rooms of Happiness is essentially a self-help book that aims to help your inner self deal with all of the clutter that goes on inside yourself emotionally. Lucy Danziger puts it into nine rooms (or actually ten) and uncovers how you can be happier with your life.

This isn’t a de-clutter your life book, though that is always a good thing to do too. Instead, you focus on all of the emotional issues that you are being tied down with that aren’t letting you move forward to be happy.

Putting your emotions into their own respective “rooms” is a very interesting idea that leads to being able to sort through different areas of your life. Each section about the rooms gives real examples of how you can use these new tools to work through issues.

Overall, The Nine Rooms of Happiness is a helpful book, which is the purpose of it. It will only actually help you if you are ready to change though, so be sure that you are ready to make a change first. I recommend this book to all of us who want a little less stress, and a happier life. That includes pretty much everyone, right?

* Thank you to the publisher of The Nine Rooms of Happiness, Voice, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

i debated buying this boook...maybe i will.

Italia said...

The method of organization was very good. Using rooms to describe what you are feeling and where you're at in life inovative. A lot of the ideas and information may be repetitive to those who have already done some of this kind of work.