January 27, 2011

Soapmaking the Natural Way by Rebecca Ittner

Soapmaking the Natural Way by Rebecca Ittner is a how-to book on making homemade soap. Custom soap that is handmade with natural ingredients can be quite pricey, but now you can learn how to make your own soap!

Book Description
“Here's where simple techniques meet 100% natural soaps that please the eye, the nose, and the environment!

Made with the safe and simple melt-and-pour method, these projects feature a delicious range of eco-friendly and animal-free ingredients-from oatmeal and lavender to honeysuckle and clay. The ins-and-outs of soap bases, colorants, and essential oils all received detailed attention.

Soapmaking the Natural Way is an affordable, informative, and inspiring resource.”
Soapmaking the Natural Way

My Thoughts
Soapmaking the Natural Way is a very helpful tool to use if you are interested in making your own soap. I’ve wanted to make soap for years, but was always scared to do it. I thought it would be this huge undertaking and really hard and messy to do. Surprisingly, it wasn’t!

The recipes for soap in this book all really sound (and look) amazing. I ended up making the Brown Sugar and Vanilla soap. It didn’t look like the soap in the book, but I used different molds and didn’t scrape them.

Here is what my handmade soap looks like:

I put little amethyst chips in two of them just to try it out, and it actually worked (sort of). I’ll experiment more with this later.

Some of the recipes from the book that I really want to try soon include:
• Lavender Clay
• Vanilla Sundae
• Berry Smoothie
• Himalayan Magic
• Pomegranate Crush
• Tropical Dream
• Carved Quartz (looks like real quartz!)
• Fruity Cupcakes (soap that looks like cupcakes!)

The basic knowledge of making soap and many easy to make recipes are included in Soapmaking the Natural Way. Overall, this is really the perfect book for learning how to make your own natural soap. Trust me, it isn’t that hard! If you’ve ever wanted to do this, go for it. It isn’t expensive and is really quite easy!

* Thank you to the publisher of Soapmaking the Natural Way, Lark, part of Sterling Publishing, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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