January 17, 2011

Voices of the Faithful Book 2 - Review

Voices of the Faithful is the second book in the series that is for daily devotions throughout the year. It is all about inspiring stories from missionaries that have been around the world. These stories are meant to give hope and inspire, but do they?

Book Description
A new year's worth of inspiring stories from the front lines of faith.

"A willingness to go is all they have in common," says Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis, speaking of their friends on the front lines who are spreading the gospel around the world and with whom they collaborated to create this book. This second book of 366 daily devotionals features stories of God's faithfulness, written by hundreds of missionaries worldwide.

From stirring miracles to heroic adventures, this second volume highlights those who daily go to the outer limits of spiritual devotion.

A follow-up to the first book which has now sold 300,000 copies.

My Thoughts
The stories that were included in the second book of Voices of the Faithful are really quite interesting and many are also inspiring. What missionaries do all over the world is really amazing. However, as someone who is new to the whole missionary thing makes some of the stories seem just a bit… unrelated towards the people they were there to “help save” from their current religion.

Personally, I think that if someone is open to converting to another religion, or just wants to learn more about it – great! Just some of the stories made it seem like they thought they were better than others because they believed in the Christian religion as opposed to whichever religion the other people believed in.

Aside from that, I enjoyed reading about people finding God, praying, and finding little miracles in life. It is also setup as a very easy to read format of one per day. I think that if you like Christian books, you will enjoy this book very much.

* Thank you to the publisher of Voices of the Faithful, Thomas Nelson, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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