January 27, 2011

Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom Review

The newest expansion pack for Majesty 2 is Monster Kingdom. In this expansion pack, you will get to play as the king of monsters. This is a really unique (and quite fun) take on the game, so if you are a fan of the series, check out this Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom review!

Game Description
The King would imagine that Ardania belongs to him alone, and his advisor supports him in this ignorance, forgetting that there are two sides to every coin. As mentioned in the ancient scriptures of Murphius:“Try as you might to do something that everybody likes, there is always someone who does not.” Soon, the hard truth of these words will reveal itself to the Great King in full.

And what will he do, and where will he go, should everyone turn against him? Well, not his loyal Advisor, of course, but all those petty nobles and the Conclave. It will be a difficult challenge to maintain the righteous command. Determination will be his greatest weapon, and sacrifices will have to be made. But just how far is the King ready to go in this dire situation?

And the situation is dire indeed. The High Priests have stolen the Crown of Ardania, to summon the Spirit of the Kings and proclaim it the righteous ruler. Your Majesty, you who so bravely defeated Barlog, have lost your throne, and must now fight to reclaim it. The Nobles support the Conclave, and your only hope is to find new allies, those who no one, even you, would ever expect to be join you. Once again you must heed the wisdom of your Advisor, in hopes that with his guidance you may bring peace back to Ardania.

• New “Exiles of Fate” campaign, which features 10 new missions
• New monster race avaible in multiplayer mode
• Monster kingdom with a full set of new buildings, heroes and citizens

My Thoughts
The Monster Kingdom expansion pack brings all of the fun from the previous games in the series but makes it different by letting you control monster heroes. With these new monsters you control, your buildings are also different because you couldn’t use the same ones humans do, right?

The new missions that are in Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom aren’t easy. Sure, the ones that are at the beginning are, but after that – be prepared to have to give a few takes before beating it. For me, the timed ones were really the hardest. I ended up getting stuck on the second to last mission. I’ll probably try again in the near future, but for now… I have yet to beat it (which can be quite infuriating if you are a gamer).

The graphics, voice acting, and other aspects of the game remain he same and of good quality. I didn't really have any issues with the game crashing, until I was almost at the end of the mission I can't seem to get past - just my luck, right?

Overall, I found this expansion pack to be fun and provides endless hours of entertainment. For the price of this series, you really can’t beat it. I highly recommend it to all those who like simulation city building type games.

Thank you to the publisher of Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom, Paradox Interactive and Gamers Gate for providing me with a digital copy of the game for review. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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