January 1, 2011

Jamie’s America by Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s America by Jamie Oliver is a new cookbook by Jamie that focuses on all of the amazing dishes that America has been cooking for a long time. This cookbook gives some updates to favorites such as pizza, fried chicken, breakfast tortillas, and many more favorite recipes from people all over America.

Book Description
“Jamie has long been fascinated by how vast and diverse America is, but his experience had been limited to only a few cities. All that changes with Jamie’s America. This was his chance to see it all, and he couldn’t wait to travel all over the country, in search of recipe gems buried in Americans’ own backyards. As he says: “I wanted to get to the heart of great American food…I set off on what I knew would be a completely inspiring trip. I wasn’t wrong…From New York to New Orleans, the energy of Los Angeles to the big skies of Wyoming, I found what I was looking for: Some of the most diverse and delicious recipes I’ve ever come across!”

Now, in Jamie’s America, he shares his discoveries. This mouthwatering cookbook contains 120 new recipes, gathered in New York, Louisiana, Arizona, Los Angeles, Georgia, and Wyoming, including My NYC Cheesecake (New York), Spicy Meat Gumbo (Louisiana), Traybaked Chicken (Wyoming), Rich Grits (Georgia), and Venison and Juniper Stew (Arizona). These are American recipes, to be sure, but each one has Jamie’s imprint—his enthusiasm, his ability to extract enormous flavor from humble ingredients, and his respect for home cooks everywhere.”
Jamie’s America

My Thoughts
Jamie’s America is a cookbook that is written from someone who is not from America, but enjoys the food that it has given for culinary cuisine. This cookbook isn’t just an ordinary “Southern” “Cajun” or whichever area in the USA cookbook. This is one that joined together some fun recipes that Jamie enjoyed while visiting New York, Louisiana, Arizona, Los Angeles, Georgia, and the Wild West.

Jamie’s America is a big, colorful cookbook that has scrumptious recipes that make you wish they could be brought to life with some form of a magic wand. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been developed yet, so you have to do it the old fashioned way and actually cook it.

Some of my favorite recipes included in this cookbook:

New York: Waldorf Salad, NYC Cheesecake
Louisiana: Down ‘N’ Dirty Cajun Rice, Chicken Sausage & Shrimp Jambalaya
Arizona: Rustic Tortilla Soup, Cinnamon Orchata
Los Angeles: Beautiful Breakfast Tortillas, Chocolate Rocky Road
Georgia: Red Pepper Summer Soup, Beer Butt Chicken
Wild West: Awesome Wild Pancakes

Jamie’s America is really a cookbook that gives a diverse group of recipes that may be new to you, and some may just be updates to some of the classics. Either way, it is a great book that can perhaps bring inspiration to your very own kitchen to start cooking some new favorites.

* Thank you to the publisher of Jamie’s America, Hyperion, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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