January 19, 2011

Is Life Unexpected Cancelled?

Life Unexpected only has had two seasons so far on the CW. If you don’t know what the show is about, it is about a teenage girl that was given up for adoption because her parents were in high school (and the father didn’t even want to acknowledge the girl was pregnant). Lovely, right?

Well, the girl eventually found out who they were and ended up being adopted by them – even though they weren’t together. Over the seasons that aired, there was tons of drama and I actually liked the show.

Last night’s “Season finale” of Life Unexpected was two hours and did the whole tying up loose ends and finally… the “Two Years Later” portion at the very end that also showed huge changes (that weren’t so unexpected) to show how everyone would end up. Personally, I love that Lux ended up with Jones and that she was somehow Valedictorian. Kate and Baze together, and Ryan with Julie (his ex) and their son was cute, but it kind of made the whole show seem like a big waste of the Kate and Ryan relationship.

This lead me to wondering, is Life Unexpected cancelled?

I am guessing that yes, it is. Generally shows wouldn’t have a two hour season finale on the CW and round up things like this at the end. Sure, One Tree Hill jumped five years into the future, but that is a much more popular show than this. I don’t seem to be the only one guessing this – Tvbythenumbers also stated that there probably won’t be another season to the series.

Did any of you watch this show? What did you think of the finale?


Sara said...

The creators said it was canceled. I liked the finale except for the ending which just seemed way out there.

T said...

well shoot... now I want to watch it :(

I hate when they take away my favorite shows. I've gotten to the point that I just don't watch anything new until I can see the entire season at once though - so I'm probably part of the viewership problem!

Sheri said...

Me too T! I DVR mine and watch them when I can, but some of my favorites I have to watch like 30 minutes into it - just enough to FF through commercials. :)