February 3, 2011

Color Your Style by David Zyla

Color Your Style by David Zyla is all about finding your own true colors that look best on you and make you feel amazing. Does it really work? Is it really that simple? Find out in this review!

Book Description
“Move over Color Me Beautiful, an Emmy Award-winning costume designer shows women how to find their authentic style archetype.

David Zyla has made women look sensational on the runway, television, and Broadway for twenty years. In Color Your Style ,David shows how every woman can unlock her authentic style based on a combination of her personality, her eight true colors, and one of twenty-four color-palette archetypes-from the Wholesome Flirt to the Romantic Poetess to The Maverick. Through quizzes, charts, and stories, women can discover the colors, clothes, and accessories that will attract love, power, energy, and attention. Color Your Style is like getting an astrological reading-only color-inspired-allowing you to learn more about yourself while you make over your wardrobe.

We are at our best when we feel comfortable, confident, and know we look fantastic. Zyla and Color Your Style shows women how to be their best-without being slaves to designer labels or the latest trends.”
Color Your Style

My Thoughts
Color Your Style is written by David Zyla, an Emmy Award-winning costume designer. So, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to style. He is also a great writer about the subject of style.

I was really excited to read this book because I love style, but sometimes end up having all of these different “types” of wardrobe choices. One day I look fun and flirty, the next I may wear something bohemian or funky, or perhaps dark and artsy. That is just how I’ve always been. I’ve never really focused on “seasons” or a “type.” Instead, I just bought what I like. So, did that change after reading Color Your Style? For me, no.

Although the book was written well, it was also somewhat confusing about the different “true colors” and finding your own version of white or khaki or black. My eyes are green, and although I like some shades of green, I’m certainly not going to wear it often because that is what color my eyes are. Honestly, olive green does not look good on me, I’ve tried… and I’ll pass thank you very much. Now, a jewel colored or pretty pastel green, sure, but only every now and then. I’m also not really wanting to wear a color that matches my skin tone, unless it is underwear from Victoria’s Secret.

The different ways to find your true colors seemed confusing and unless David Zyla is there actually giving me a consultation, telling me what my colors are, I don’t think I can really pick them out for myself. Maybe you’ll have better luck with this than I did.

Ironically, the section I enjoyed the most in Color Your Style was about the seasons and the different Archetypes for the seasons. I figured out I might be a Spring and either “The Wholesome Flirt” or “The Pixie.” Maybe I’m a combination of the two? As you can see, I’m even indecisive in this area when it comes to a style type. Again, I don’t think I really changed from reading this book.

Overall, I think that Color Your Style is a good tool to use for style. It may not be the easiest to determine your personal colors, but I like to think of fashion as fun and some days you want to express different things by what you wear. Zyla does a great job at giving good ideas for what to wear, and what not to wear for certain types. Rules were meant to be broken though, right?

* Thank you to the publisher of Color Your Style, Plume, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


T said...

I'm laughing because once again I noticed that 98% of my closet is either brown or green.

I recently bought a blue shirt and a red hoodie, just for variety...

perhaps I need to check out this book...

what if it tells me to wear brown and green though?

whatever... anything but purple :)

Sheri said...

lol I know what you mean T, but mine is mainly black and then big bright colors or patterns.... :)