August 13, 2011

Beauty: The New Basics by Rona Berg

Beauty: The New Basics by Rona Berg is the ultimate resource for pretty much everything related to beauty. If you have questions or concerns about something related to beauty, this book has the answers!

Book Description
Big, ebullient, brimming over with know-how and passion, Beauty by Rona Berg is the only beauty book you'll ever need-a one-size-fits-all, 500-page guide of information, anecdotes and attitude. Illustrated throughout in two-color and featuring a 96-page full-color section, Beauty is filled with step-by-step how-tos, professional techniques, brand and product comparisons, and inside tips gleaned from a pro's pro who's covered the world of beauty for The New York Times Magazine, Elle magazine and other national publications.

The book tackles all three major categories-The Face, Hair, The Body. The emphasis is on simplicity and a healthy, natural approach, and the range cuts across all ethnicities and ages. There are five minute skin regimes, facials, makeup tricks and health tips. How to reduce stress in the bath and pamper yourself with an easy home spa. The long and short of hair care-including what to do on bad hair days. Remedies for beauty emergencies (eyes puffy from fatigue? do what the models do and use a dab of Preparation H). Plus make-overs, recipes, historical lore, stories, time-lines, and an extensive glossary and list of resources. It's a knock-out.” – Beauty: The New Basics

My Thoughts
Beauty: The New Basics is a big book that packs an even larger punch of information. It is both practical and informative for use by everybody that wants to learn about it. It is in color but not full color for the entire book. That is okay though because for most sections it isn’t really necessary.

I learned quite a lot reading through this book and will keep it handy for all of my beauty needs. I really enjoyed the sections on the “10 Steps to Real Beauty” and “When to Splurge” on beauty. Helpful tips are included throughout the book that even pros may not know, so there is really something for everyone with this book!

If you love the beauty section in magazines, this is seriously a book that you have to get! It is highly researched and easy to understand which makes it perfect for flipping through and finding what you need easily. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants help or to know more about anything concerning beauty.

* Thank you to the publisher of Beauty: The New Basics, Workman, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


RoseBud3821 said...

I do need a new beauty book. I'll check it out on amazon.

Sheri said...

It is quite affordable and comes in very handy :)

Mandy said...

I'll def be getting this one!