August 10, 2011

Chemistry Results

The summer semester is finally over for me. I could jump and sing and dance I’m so glad it is over!

I really didn’t want to take Chemistry at all. I took a pre-course to it when I went to UCF and I hated it. I only made a C. It was taught in an auditorium classroom which meant there were around 300 students in my class. Yes, three-hundred. Not a typo!

So, when I realized I had to take a “real” Chemistry course for the B.S. Nursing degree I’m going to enroll in, I wasn’t happy. I dreaded it. I tried keeping a positive attitude about it though and even tried comparing it to “Harry Potter” and the Potions class the students at Hogwarts had to take. Though fun to think about it, it didn’t work.

I had an A average the whole time, but it was a low A. It wasn’t an easy course for me and the tests were insane (150+ questions on each one). So, I was rather concerned about taking the final exam yesterday.

Sure, I studied quite a bit for it and I did prepare for it. I just wasn’t quite sure how I’d do.

So, when I was listening to “Coast 2 Coast AM” I heard one of the guests that was on the show mention praying to Saint Joseph of Cupertino to help with exams. I figured I could give it a try. So I found the prayer, printed it out and said it before the exam.

Did it work?

Yes! Somehow I made an A and that means I also have an A for the final grade! I’m really proud of myself and still in a bit of shock.

Part of the prayer to Saint Joseph of Cupertino requires me to spread the word about it working, so that is what I’m doing now. If you have a big exam you need some saintly help with, give it a try and see if it works for you too!

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Kristina P. said...

Congratulations! That's great.