August 6, 2011

You are Clairvoyant by Belinda Grace

You are Clairvoyant by Belinda Grace is a guide into re-awakening your own clairvoyant senses and powers. Yes, everyone can do this and this book will guide you on a new spiritual path to help you do just that.

Book Description
Connect with both divine guidance and your inner wisdom by following the simple techniques in this book. You already are clairvoyant—you simply need to learn how to activate this powerful skill and then use it to create greater happiness and fulfillment.

Discover how you can meet and talk to angels and spirit guides for assistance; gain insights into past lives to overcome negative patterns and find healing; conduct psychic conversations to get your point across; and get answers to important questions through automatic writing. Written by clairvoyant healer BelindaGrace, this inspiring guide features true-life stories, easy exercises, and countless ways to use the gift of clairvoyance to transform your life—and yourself.” – You are Clairvoyant

My Thoughts
You are Clairvoyant is a really helpful and encouraging guide book to discovering clairvoyant abilities that you probably never knew you could achieve on your own (with the help of the book of course).

It covers a variety of topics to help give an understanding of working with these senses and also gives detailed guides to help achieve this on your own. I’ve tried a few of the exercises and I’ve had rather good success in doing so. If you want to become more centered, converse with angels or spirit guides, heal past life issues, or more, there are exercises and examples of doing so.

I’m greatly impressed by this book and I highly encourage those interested in this type of spiritual work to use this book to help get you the results you want. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of You are Clairvoyant, Llewellyn, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Mary said...

Thanks for the advice on getting this one. I just purchased it on Amazon!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a perfect book for my wife. Ty!