December 13, 2011

Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest by Kristen Ann

Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest by Kristen Ann is a highly interesting book about the next transition that is taking place on our planet. If you feel that something is going to happen soon, maybe sometime in 2012, this is a good resource to help you prepare for what could happen and perhaps find a clue as of why.

Book Description

“We are living at the most significant time in the entire history of planet Earth. A tremendous change is destined to happen and we have come to be a part of it.

Explore and find out what you need to know for the coming Transitional Shift:

  • Why this Transition is different from all others that have happened in the past.
  • See a graph showing why this is happening.
  • The Masters who usher in each New Age.
  • How other Beings are involved in the preparations for this tremendous Transition.
  • How we can prepare.
  • What the Egyptians knew about interplanetary beings and other secret knowledge they possessed.

We are living in a multi-dimensional universe. This book was written to give an understanding of what is coming, why this is happening now, and how to prepare.

Understanding eliminates fear and allows us to move forward with determination and confidence.” – Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest

My Thoughts
Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest is a very relatable and easy to read book about topics that are important right now. It reads almost like a memoir of the author’s life. She tells the stories of her life that have lead her on her own quest of exploring this multi-dimensional universe we live in.

At the start of the book, the author takes us along her journey with a remarkable teacher that she had while attending the Waldorf Teacher Training Institute. It really makes me wish I had gone to such a school. The classes and teachers all seemed so magical, and like the students there really learned things that we should all have learned, but perhaps never had the chance to. Some of the most important lessons are detailed in the book though, so it is the next best thing.

The author’s experiences with other “Beings” that are involved in our next transition are also extremely fascinating. She met with and became good friends with Dan Fry, who communicated telepathically with aliens before meeting them. If you haven’t heard of this story before, be sure to read it because it is more interesting than I can give it justice in this review alone. It will also leave you wondering if a few people you may have come into contact with before were perhaps aliens, too.

The actual preparation to help us transition smoothly (or as smooth as possible) when the shift comes is quite helpful. However, there wasn’t as much included as I thought would be in the book.

This is a “New Age” book that not everybody will read and fully understand. However, those that do read it and recognize what is taking place will find that it is an exceptionally good book to help understand things. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire book, and definitely recommend it to everyone to read that appreciates such texts.

* Thank you to the publisher of Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest, VastQuest Ventures, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Anonymous said...

I have always thought that we lived in a multi dimensional or layered universe. Very cool and thought provokign isn't it? I'll check into this book later on TY!