December 27, 2011

How to Hear Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

How to Hear Your Angels by Doreen Virtue is the perfect introduction guide to working with and hearing the angels. If you’ve always wanted to have a closer relationship with your guardian angels, deceased loved ones, or even have a spirit mentor, be sure to read this book!

Book Description
How to Hear Your Angels is a step-by-step manual on how to clearly receive messages from your angels and guides. The material was culled from Doreen Virtue’s best-selling bookMessages from Your Angels and from her workshops. Doreen has been assigning this reading material to her Angel Therapy Practitioner™ students for many years, and at their request has compiled the information in this handy book. 

Within these pages, you’ll discover your communication “style” so that you can more easily recognize the visions, words, thoughts, and feelings you receive as Divine guidance. The book is filled with charts to help you discern the difference between true Divine guidance and the voice of the ego, and it will help you engage in clear and understandable conversations with Heaven.
” – How to Hear Your Angels

My Thoughts
How to Hear Your Angels is one of my favorite books about angels. Doreen Virtue is one of my favorite authors, and whenever someone asks for a good book recommendation on something involving angels or spirituality, I always suggest some of her books. This is one of the books that I always suggest as a starter book about the angels. It is a small book that carries a big message, and can impact someone’s life in an immense way.

In this book, you’ll learn who the angels are, how to feel your angels, how to hear them, how to see them, and how to receive messages from the angels. There are also many prayers that are included to help you clear negative attachments and fears to help you better perceive the angels and your deceased loved ones. These tips to help clear the psychic blocks are incredibly helpful if you use them.

Doreen Virtue writes in a very easy to understand manner, so you could read this book in one sitting quite easily. However, you’ll want to keep it handy because there are so many helpful tools included in it that you will want to refer to it again and again. I highly recommend this book for everyone to read and share with others.

* According to the FTC, I have to inform you that this is a book that I purchased. All opinions expressed are my own.


Cici Hart said...

I love her books!

Michelle said...

I have this one (thanks to seeing the review awhile ago) and just wanted to say that it is amazing and well worth buying!