December 4, 2011

The Ninth Day by Jamie Freveletti

The Ninth Day by Jamie Freveletti is a thriller that is highly captivating and fast paced enough to keep your attention well into the night. If you enjoy high paced thrillers about things that could possibly happen, even if it is scary to think about, this is a novel that you must read!

Book Description
“In less than nine days, terror crosses the border…

Hiking in Arizona, biochemist Emma Caldridge inadvertently interrupts the operations of dangerous traffickers in human cargo – and is chased south into the arms of millionaire drug merchants. Suddenly a prisoner of Mexico’s most feared cartel, Emma makes a shocking discovery in the marijuana fields outside Ciudad Juarez: plants rotting with a flesh-eating toxin that causes a truly horrible death within nine days of exposure. And there is no antidote.

The cartel believes that U.S. agents contaminated the plants, and, determined to make their enemy pay, they prepare to spread their lethal product across America. Emma Caldridge searches desperately for a cure, but time is running out more quickly than she anticipated. For Emma herself has been infected – and, barring a miracle, she will die before the terrible dawning of… the ninth day.” – The Ninth Day

My Thoughts
The Ninth Day has a very well-constructed main character, Emma Caldridge. She may not be your average woman, but that is what I like about her. She is a biochemist and quite badass.

In this adventure of hers, she crosses into an area she shouldn’t and is captured by a Mexican drug cartel. She finds that the drugs have been infected with a seriously threatening bacterium that eats human flesh! What is worse is that she becomes infected with it too, and only has nine days to figure out what it is – or it will claim her life too!

This is a fast paced thriller that will have you devouring this book quicker than you thought. It is the kind of book that not only captivates you when reading it, but it will also leave you thinking if something like this could actually happen. Get rid of any plans you have when reading this book because once you start it, you’ll want to keep reading it until the end!

* Thank you to the publisher of The Ninth Day, Harper Collins, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Amanda said...

I love thrillers. I'll def check this out on amazon and probably end up buying lol ty for teh rec!