December 23, 2011

Queen of America by Luis Alberto Urrea

Queen of America by Luis Alberto Urrea is the much awaited sequel to The Hummingbird’s Daughter. Take a journey with the “Sait of Cabora” in this epic tale that takes you back in time to an Industrial America that is much different than it is now.

Book Description
After the bloody Tomochic rebellion, Teresita Urrea, beloved healer and "Saint of Cabora," flees with her father to Arizona. But their plans are derailed when she once again is claimed as the spiritual leader of the Mexican Revolution. Besieged by pilgrims and pursued by assassins, Teresita embarks on a journey through turn-of-the-century industrial America-New York, San Francisco, St. Louis. She meets immigrants and tycoons, European royalty and Cuban poets, all waking to the new American century. And as she decides what her own role in this modern future will be, she must ask herself: can a saint fall in love? 

At turns heartbreaking, uplifting, and riotously funny, QUEEN OF AMERICA reconfirms Luis Alberto Urrea's status as a writer of the first rank.
” – Queen of America

My Thoughts
Queen of America is the kind of novel that transports you back into the time the characters are in. For this story, that means the Industrial American Era. The author does a superb job of describing the locations, so it really does feel like you are immersed in the world the story takes place in.

This is a sequel to The Hummingbird’s Daughter. However, if you’ve never read the first novel, you don’t need to before reading this one. It is likely to make you want to go out and buy it to read after you finish, though.

The main character Teresita Urrea, also known as the “Saint of Cabora” is a beautifully written and enchanting character. She is able to heal others with her touch, is a botanical shaman, and is looking for the possibility of love in America, all while being hunted by assassins and other dangerous characters.

This is the type of character and story that will readers will remember for a long time after they have finished the novel. I highly recommend it to everyone to read.

* Thank you to the publisher of Queen of America, Little, Brown and Company, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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