April 6, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood by The Brothers Grimm and Illustrated by Daniel Egneus

Little Red Riding Hood by The Brothers Grimm and Illustrated by Daniel Egneus is an artistic delight to the story you knew growing up. Fans of the classic tale and those who love art will treasure this special edition of the fairy tale.

Book Description
Originating in seventeenth-century French folklore, the story of Little Red Riding Hood has long been one of the world's most memorable tales of childhood, with its haunting journey into the dark woods, tumultuous encounter with the big, bad wolf, and heroic rescue. This new gift edition presents the Brothers Grimm version of the tale, fully unabridged with a visionary interpretation by renowned artist Daniel Egnéus that captures both its horror and its romance.” – Little Red Riding Hood

My Thoughts
Little Red Riding Hood is a story that most of us grew up with in childhood, and have seen new takes on it lately in the movie “Red Riding Hood” and on the hit ABC TV show “Once Upon A Time.” Although I do enjoy new versions of it, there is much to be said about the Brothers Grimm version, too.

This special edition of the tale is visually beautiful and tells the tale like I remember it originally being. The artwork included throughout the book is gorgeous, and for everyone that loves this tale, it is sure to be a treasured book. I also think that it would make an amazing gift to someone who also likes the tale, and even for those younger children who may not have heard the tale before. Kids that own this book will definitely have one of the cooler fairy tale books on their bookshelf. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Little Red Riding Hood, Harper Design, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Mandy said...

I just looked this up on Amazon (and bought it) for only $6! Seems like a great price for such a neat book!

Stephanie said...

The cover is gorgeous! It makes me want to buy it, even though I know that judging a book by its cover isnt what we should do, this one is great and how can you get the story of little red wrong?

Anonymous said...