April 7, 2012

The Misleading Mind by Karuna Cayton

The Misleading Mind by Karuna Cayton is a book to help us change the way we think about our problems. We all have problems, but how we deal with them and think about them greatly affects our well-being. Are you ready to change your misleading mind with the help of this book?

Book Description
Buddhism asserts that we each have the potential to free ourselves from the prison of our problems. As practiced for more than twenty-six hundred years, the process involves working with, rather than against, our depression, anxiety, and compulsions. We do this by recognizing the habitual ways our minds perceive and react — the way they mislead. The lively exercises and inspiring real-world examples Cayton provides can help you transform intractable problems and neutralize suffering by cultivating a radically liberating self-understanding.” – The Misleading Mind

My Thoughts
The Misleading Mind is a very easy to read book about a topic that is challenging to understand and really “get.” If you are open to learning about Buddhism and working on your mental health, it is an invaluable resource to help you change your life. Becoming a Buddhist is not something you have to do with this book. You can be any religion and still benefit from the resources in this book.

The key to the material is being open and to actually try out the techniques offered in the book. If you read it at a steady pace and think about the material as you read it, and also after you read it, you’ll get more out of it than just reading it once through and not trying any of the techniques out for yourself. I often read books in full the first time, and then go back and re-read it really absorbing the information in it. I did that with this book, and I am really amazed by how helpful it is with changing my belief system about “problems.”

Overall, I found the techniques and information in the book helpful and really made me challenge my thinking. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of The Misleading Mind, New World Library, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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I should really sign up for a google account thing so I don't have to always type my name in. Anyways great review as always.

Alice said...

I have been interested in Buddhism but haven't really read much about it. I think I shall get this book to help challenge my mind and see where that takes me.