April 27, 2012

Love Colors by Pamala Oslie

Love Colors by Pamala Oslie is a fascinating book about auras and how certain colors work better in relationships than other colors. This book includes the aura colors quiz to determine which color(s) you are, and how to use that information in your life, especially with your relationships with other people.

Book Description

A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras

Whether you’re seeking a new romantic relationship or hoping to improve an existing one, knowing your own qualities and desires is the first step. Love Colors offers a fresh, powerful approach to better understand yourself and then create your ideal partnership. In her earlier book, Life Colors, psychic consultant Pamala Oslie explained that auras — the field of energy that surrounds each of us — contain important clues to our personalities and reveal the ways we relate to the world. In this book, she takes that understanding of auras one step further to help you find — and keep — your perfect mate.

In Love Colors, you’ll discover: 
• your personal love colors through a detailed personality quiz
• the love colors you’re most compatible with
• tips for finding, recognizing, and attracting your ideal partner
• ways to move past your fears and open yourself up to love
• advice on maintaining balance and harmony in your relationship

With Pamala’s insights and advice, you’ll gain invaluable self-knowledge and have new tools to create fulfilling, lasting love. ” – Love Colors

My Thoughts
Love Colors takes Pamala Oslie’s first book about auras, Life Colors to the next level. I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of these books, so I do highly suggest reading both of them. One doesn’t really need to be read before the other to understand auras and to figure out your color though, but I would suggest Life Colors first and then Love Colors if you do want to read both.

The aura colors quiz included in the book helps you to determine which colors are most like you. If you find that a few could be like you, read the descriptions about those aura colors and see which one resonates most with you. I found that three worked for me, but most people just have one or two. For fun I used the test with my Mom, and the color I thought she was is indeed her aura color. She found it fun and grabbed the book from me to read next.

Love Colors not only helps you to easily determine your aura color, but it gives you the tools needed to see for yourself if the person on your next date is a match for your aura color or not. If the person isn’t a match, it doesn’t mean that it won’t necessarily work, but it is likely to be quite a bit harder. If you are looking for a match, the author also lists places where you could find your aura love match.

I find the subject of auras to be fascinating, and this book really helps teach anyone interested in the subject about auras in an easy to read and understand fashion. I highly recommend it for everyone.

* Thank you to the publisher of Love Colors, New World Library, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Mandy said...

I think auras are cool too and always on the lookout for new cool books like this!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool!

Steph said...

Oh I need this book! I want to see if my boyfriend is a match tho I am thinking that he isn't