January 11, 2013

Sisters in Faith Holy Bible

Sisters in Faith Holy Bible is the King James version edited by Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore. In this version you will discover devotionals to help you apply the Bible to your life, answer questions about life and faith, and read creative articles from women in the Bible.

Book Description
The Sisters in Faith Holy Bible is a sister-to-sister guide through the Word of God. It demonstrates how His Word is active and will impact ever interaction of life in a practical way for the African-American woman. Where can a woman go to find help with life's struggles? Executive editors Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore believe the answers to life’s problems can be found in the Bible. The Sisters in Faith Holy Bible seeks to highlight where the Bible speaks to the five major areas of life: God, Family, Others, Self, and Career. Additional contributors include recording artist Joann Rosario Condrey, novelists Kim Cash Tate, Vanessa Davis Griggs, and other scholars and artists committed to encouraging and empowering African-American women with God’s truth.

Features include:
·         Arise—devotionals that teach how to apply the Bible
·         Quest and Discovery—notes that use scripture to answer common questions about life and faith
·         She Speaks—creative articles written from the perspective of women in the Bible
·         Authorized King James Version text
·         Center-column References
·         Concordance

My Thoughts
Sisters in Faith Holy Bible is a version of the Bible that isn’t just for women of color. It is really written for any woman in mind. As you can tell from my picture in the corner over there, I am not colored (and am usually quite pale). However, I really do enjoy this version of the Bible. It is a nicely formatted Bible that looks great and holds up very well – even if you throw it into your bag often, or are the type that lets it sit nicely on your bedside table or shelf most of the time. The pages are formatted to make it appealing for women to read as well. The fonts are in a deep purple and pink, with softer white pages.

My favorite part of the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible is the “Quest and Discovery” portions that answer questions about life and faith. I also really enjoyed the “She Speaks” part which are creative articles that were written in the perspective of different women in the Bible.

* Thank you to the publisher of Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, Thomas Nelson, for providing me with a copy of this book for review as part of their “Booksneeze” program. All opinions expressed are my own.

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www Bible said...

Thank you Sheri for taking time to review the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible. You are right, that this Bible is for everyone. The articles were written out of the hearts of African-American women to you! Honor and Blessings to you. Michele Clark Jenkins, General Editor, "Sisters in Faith Holy Bible" and author of "She Speaks"