January 3, 2013

The Candle and the Crossroads by Orion Foxwood

The Candle and the Crossroads by Orion Foxwood is a magical book that explains the ways of magic from Appalachian conjure and Southern root magic. You can learn about spirit sight, candle magic, use of herbs, roots, stones, blessings, healing, and much more. If you want to learn more about this type of magic, or practice it yourself, this is a book you want to read!

Book Description
Learn the ways of magic and healing from the living, oral tradition of Appalachian Conjure in The Candle and the Crossroads. Orion Foxwood offers a primer on the real magic and techniques of Southern root magic, knowledge he learned first-hand growing up in rural Appalachia.

Foxwood explains magical techniques including:

  • Spirit Sight
  • Working by the Signs (the ability to synchronize work such as farming, fertility of humans and animals, orcharding)
  • Conjuring
  • Faith Healing
  • Settling the Light (candle magic)
  • Doctoring the Root (the ability to use herbs, roots, stones, or animal parts—bones, claws, fur, etc. for magic or the clearing, cleansing, and blessing of the spirit of a person, also known as his or her root)
  • Praying or Dreaming True (Blessings of spirit/God to a person, place, or thing as well as prophetic or predictive dreaming)
  • Blessing or Cursing

The Candle and the Crossroads shows how to create magic in today’s world with the old ways and traditions of Appalachia.” – The Candle and the Crossroads

My Thoughts
The Candle and the Crossroads is a fantastic introduction style book to the mystical and passed down traditions of Appalachian conjure and southern root work. Orion Foxwood writes in an easy to read and follow way, which makes the subject matter not difficult to follow along with. He writes from the heart, offering the readers stories, personal accounts, and his wisdom and experience of practicing in this field for most of his life.

In life there is both good and bad, and such is the same with magic. Foxwood explains the nature of both, and how there are benefits and very real dangers of both. Your spirit attracts which type, so staying in the light so to speak, is the way to go.

You don’t have to try everything or anything in this book for yourself. If you just enjoy learning more about it, such as myself, you can simply just learn about it. However, if you want to explore this realm of magic, this is a very good book to do so. I definitely recommend it to those curious about it, and those wanting to try it out for themselves.

* Thank you to the publisher of The Candle and the Crossroads, Weiser Books, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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