June 18, 2008

Guild Wars – Standing Still

Over the past 3 years, I have played Guild Wars for about 3,150 hours. This equals about 3 hours a day. Granted, some days I never played, and some days I played many hours. Over these past 3 years, ArenaNet released Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall and Guild Wars: Eye Of The North - Expansion Pack.

My main character, an Elementalist has almost earned 26 maxed titles, done everything in the game (many times), acquired quite a few “elite” armor sets and had a fun time doing so. Aside from my main character, I also have every other character profession at the max level, beaten almost every campaign and at least one elite armor set on them as well.

Lately though, the lack of people continuing to play is something I have really noticed. I too have felt this lack of wanting to play Guild Wars. While I still love the game, I am tired of doing the same things over and over again.

The developers have stated that there will be no new campaigns or expansions. They are now working on Guild Wars 2, and devoting their time and energy into that. I agree that they should be devoting much of their time into GW2. However, their player-base is getting bored of their current playing content. Over the past few months, I have just been focusing on adding in new things to my “Hall of Monuments” which is what will link to my Guild Wars 2 account when that is released. However, the lack of information on what it will unlock and how has me a bit discouraged.

I haven’t quit playing GW, but my play time has gone down drastically. I hope that the developers release new content and come out with better weekend events soon. If they don’t, I feel that many more players will feel as I do and quit playing. Depending on where these players go for new games, they may also never come back to play GW or GW2.

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