June 10, 2008

Spanish Steps – Free Online Course

Spanish has always been something I wanted to learn more of. The language is used so often here in America, especially when I lived in Florida. In high school, I took three years of Spanish. I think I retained basic knowledge of the language rather well. However, I would like to extend that knowledge further. I enrolled in the free online course offered from BBC – Languages last week. I signed up for the weekly reminders to take the course each week. It is a twelve week course which offers videos, sound clips, activities, quizzes, grammar and vocabulary.

I’m on week one which involves conversations on taking a taxi cab and checking into a hotel in Spain. I answered all the questions correct so far, and brushed up on some Spanish in those lessons. I look forward to taking the rest of the lessons and will post about this again further into it. I encourage all those who are also interested in learning a language to check out BBC’s Language website and sign up!

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