June 11, 2008

The Mole – Death Threat!

I’m a fan of reality TV shows. However, I did not watch The Mole last year. So, I figured I would give the show a shot and started watching it this summer. I don’t know who the “mole” is in the group yet, but Monday night’s show was full of drama!

First of all, Bobby complained about his muscles being sore from a previous soccer game they played. So, in the challenge of the piggy banks he actually let Kristen wheelbarrow him around the town in search of the piggy banks. He didn’t even want to get out and help look! What a loser!

Then, after Liz was “executed” (sent home) Nicole tells Paul, “I’ma kill you while you sleep….. I can do it and not leave any forensic evidence.” To which he responds, “I’m tired of it (meaning Nicole, I think).” She ends that with, “OK, wake up dead. I will you beat you in this game.” Seriously! I cannot believe Nicole would say this while being recorded - on national television! For such an educated woman, she is not very bright. While she claims she wouldn’t leave any forensic evidence, I think she forgot the part where the cameras caught what she said about killing him. Motive? Check!

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