June 6, 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Recently, I saw a commercial on TV about the Pirates of the Caribbean game online. It said it was free, and I love the movies. So, why not try it out? I downloaded it last night and it was actually quite a fast download. It updates as you go into areas, so expect more downloading or updating as you progress in the game.

The character creation area (where you get to make your own pirate) was very customizable. However, it really rather lacked in cuteness factor. The characters just look clay-like, and run/walk a bit awkward in my opinion. Nevertheless, I made my female pirate blonde with a ponytail. She wore all black and a pink vest. Not much to choose from in the clothing options here either. Again, nothing all that cute either.

Once done with making my character, I found myself in a jail cell with Captain Jack Sparrow. After a short cut-scene with Jack, I ran out of the jail and into the tutorial area. Moving around in this world was a bit annoying for me, and the fighting was no better. Regardless, I gave the game a shot and killed some skeletons and soldiers around the town.

Following the quest line, I got my own pirate ship and headed to the island. Sailing around you can attack enemy ships and see other player’s ships too. Just don’t expect amazing graphics here either. Once on the island, I was bored with the game already and decided to die to a level 6 crab – just to see what happens when one dies in this game. I ended up in the jail on the original map I started in, I think. I kicked my way out of the jail cell and ran past the sleeping guard to my freedom.

While they do offer the “Basic” play free of charge, the “Unlimited” play is $9.95 per month (except the first month, which is $4.95) or $79.95 for the year (33% off). Included in the “Unlimited” play is: unlimited access to all weapons and skills, create and lead your own Pirate Guild, first priority entrance into the game, captain bigger and better ships, expanded quests and storylines, and unlock numerous other exclusive game features.

The game is only slightly kid friendly. While it does relate to them from the movies and has the characters in it, I don’t think younger kids would put up with the long loading times, awkward moving system and other annoyances “Basic” users have to put up with. For $9.95 per month, I would rather play a better game online. Pirates of the Caribbean Online should be fully free, for everyone. Even in “Unlimited” play I wouldn’t want to play this game, and to pay for it? No way.

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