March 1, 2011

Linda Biggs: International Rainbow Fairy Artist

In the world of fairy artists, most of you know about the regulars already. So, in this post I will not mention them. I am instead introducing you to one I just recently stumbled across that I absolutely love. Hopefully you will also love her very colorful and stunningly beautiful artwork too.

Linda Biggs, the “International Rainbow Fairy Artist” took a big fairy leap of faith back in 1999 when she started her fantasy career. She is a painter that loves to paint fairies, mermaids, and other magical creatures.

Check out some pictures of my favorite artwork created by Linda Biggs…

What I also love is that her artwork ranging from originals, prints, notecards, postcards, posters, coloring kits, tote bags, and even tattoo usage is affordable. Of course the originals are considerably more expensive than a print, but even some of these are very affordable for original artwork.

If you are looking to have some works by Linda Biggs, I suggest purchasing the book “Her Rainbow World” by Emerson Probst that features her artwork and details her journey. This is a fabulous art book that you could find many uses for. You could also purchase prints of some of your favorite pieces, which is a very affordable option as well.

No matter what your fairy budget is for a unique fairy item for yourself or others, you will find something by Linda Biggs that you just can’t live without!

Check out Linda Biggs website for further details on her artwork and purchasing her beautiful artwork and products.

Thank you very much to Linda Biggs for giving me sample prints of her artwork and “Her Rainbow World” to review for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


Sara said...

Those are so pretty

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Those are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! I wish I could make art that pretty!