March 22, 2011

A New Diet and Amazing Shopping Deals!

Today I am starting a new diet/lifestyle change. You know how “diets” like to say “lifestyle change” instead of “diet” but we all really know it is actually a diet. Anyways, I am reviewing a new book out that is actually quite good called “21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart” by Neal D. Barnard, MD. I figured for this review, I’d give it the 21 day kickstart to see how it really does. So, in about 22 days, expect to see my review for it here with how it actually works (or not).

Want to know what kind of a diet it is? Vegetarian.

Yeah, I never really thought I’d go for it, but I have been partially vegetarian for over 10 years by not eating any form of red meats. I have occasionally lately, but always felt gross after eating it. So, I figured why not? If it works for Alicia Silverstone and makes me look a sliver as good as she does, and also helps with all of the other positive things, why not give it a try?

I went shopping yesterday with my Mom to one of my favorite stores. I have an account there and sometimes I get amazing coupons for a certain amount of money off the purchase. Well, I really put them to good use yesterday. I ended up buying $450 worth of clothes for only $33! Amazing huh? One of those items even included an $80 Seven7 jacket. Amazing! Sometimes my shopping skills even surprise myself.

I Hope everyone had a great weekend!


T said...

I have avoided Red meat for years as well... I went so far as to cut it down to fish only for awhile, but I'm no good with the protein intake.

I really need to learn though - since Veggie Teen is apparently sticking to this... after a year and a half it's probably not just "a phase he's going through" :)

A Northern Girl With A Southern Heart said...

Wow you really did get some great deals! I would love to try this diet but I just dunno if I can give up meat. =?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new diet! That was an awesome deal on the clothes!