April 20, 2009

Demigod – Any Good?

I’ve been looking for a cool new video game to play lately. My PS2 is still broken (with no plans on fixing it or buying a new one), and I don’t have another system to play on except the PC. I came across this game randomly through a wiki page.

It looks like it could be pretty cool, but it isn’t really an “online game” though it does have capabilities to do so, sorta. Also, no fee (except original purchase price). I like that!

Here is a picture I made of all the characters I think are pretty cool in it, which I think you get to play as? Maybe? I’m not sure I couldn’t really find much good info on this game yet.

I’ve read a lot of gripes on their forum, but some good things too. There are complainers about every game out there (myself included). I’m not ready to buy this quite yet. I would like to know though, if any of you have played this or know someone who has? What did you or they think of it? Is it worth it? Is it fun? Let me know!


Jillene said...

Sorry--I am of NO help to you in the video game department. I basically SUCK at them. Just ask my husband and kids!!

Anonymous said...

Can't help you! Not into games like this. I hope someone out there can help you!

Lee said...

I tried to avoid computer games after I got over my WoW addiction. So now I just play with my Xbox.

Teri said...

I love PC games...I've been playing a lot of old 2000 era games lately though hehe....like Half-life: Goldeneye, Unreal Tournament, and then of course there is always World of Warcraft haha but you know about the fees. Guild Wars got boring, as you already know. If you're into RPGs, I hear AdventureQuest is quite fun, otherwise here is a nice list of what's out there: http://play-free-online-games.com/games/games_rpg.html

Addicting Games said...

I'm very impressed with this game. The graphics are excellent, runs great on my PC, and the art direction is amazing. Alot of attention to detail was put into this game. I'm excited to see how GPG and Stardock expand on this game in both MP and SP respects. Anyway, if you have time, take a visit at my Free Games website.