April 22, 2009

Earth Day – Part 2

After my last post I went outside and took pictures in the yard. The signs of spring are definitely here and I wanted to share them with all of you. Here are a few I was able to capture before being chased off by bees – literally. They were out in masses today.

It is good and bad for me. Good because they pollinate and bad because if one stings me I’m allergic and will more than likely need to get to a hospital ASAP. I was stung by a little sweat bee once when I was about 10 or 12. It stung me on the top of one of my boobs and it swelled up to be huge! I was so embarrassed and in massive pain. I really hope I am never stung again.

Anyways, on to the pictures…

I don’t know what this is called, but it blooms once a year and is in the shade.

This was growing on its own randomly. It is probably a weed or seed that was dropped by a bird. I thought it was cute just growing off on its own though.

These are yellow and pink roses that are just getting ready to bloom.

Red roses that are growing beautifully. I tried to get a better picture but this is when the bees chased me off the first time.

I planted these Sweet Williams last year from seeds. They never bloomed last year, so I replanted them in the ground by the roses hoping they would come up this year on their own – and they did! I can’t wait till they are in full bloom!

Again, I do not know what this is called. It is pretty though.

It took me awhile to plant seeds. I ended up planting 4 packages of Snapdragons in 2 big planters. Then I figured I better plant the seeds in little things inside before putting them outside (and use better soil in those). So, I used egg cartons my Mom had been saving (for this purpose) and other random things I found like an old coffee mug and margarine container – hey it works! My Mom also told me where some old Miracle Grow soil was so I used that instead of our compost soil, which is good too – but not for starting seeds with really.

The only side of the house (inside) that gets good sunlight is in the bathrooms upstairs, so I decided to put them there for now.

All together I planted: Snapdragons, Larkspur, Lobelia, California Poppy (orange), Cleome (Rose Queen), Sunflower, Petunia and Statice.

I wrote on all of them what they are and when I planted them. I have OCD, I know. Want me to prove even more that I do? I made sure one of the packages of each is in great condition so I can put them in a binder about gardening. More importantly though, the back side of the package says how long they are supposed to germinate and where to plant them. So really, it isn’t too OCD, is it?

Well, that is all from me today. I’m hot and need a shower. My dog Star (and me) say Good Night and Happy Earth Day!


insomniaclolita said...

I think it's really cool what you did here, Sheri :)

Anonymous said...

I believe that those are Irises in your first picture. I have some of those around our mailbox. I found them growing in the woods under an old log. They haven't bloomed yet but are getting big and spreading.

I love snapdragons. I had those in my wedding bouquet 100 years ago...LOL!

Anytime we buy a new plant I always keep the info tag on it. It's a great resource tool.

I can't wait to see how your flowers turn out.

Your dog is so cute!

Lucky Irish Gal said...

The first pic is of Iris'. Bearded Iris' I believe.

TeeTee said...

Great pictures!

Happy Earth day!

Sheri said...

Ah, yes Irises, thanks for the help on figuring out what the purple plant was! :)

Snapdragons are so pretty and have a cool name, I hope they come up!

Star says thanks, well really she just tilted her head at me (but it means the same thing). :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Earth day! You know, I love your blog!

Bobby G said...

WOW those roses look great! I may come to your house, cut them and give them to my lady =)