December 15, 2009


I’m so exhausted. I’m surprised I’m getting this post in even. I hope it all makes sense and I don’t fall asleep while typing it.

I’ve been working from open until rush was over pretty much all week so far and I only get one day off this week and it isn’t until Sunday. Only two people work during the day (manager and me, the driver) so we get to do everything. Fun stuff let me tell you.

What makes it really worse than anything though is that I’m not just exhausted. I have severe stomach pain (and all the lovely things that go with that), joint pain, and other things I don’t really want to get into.

Basically, I’ve had stomach issues for a few years and my old doctor couldn’t figure out what it was even with an endoscopy and look at my stomach from the inside. I’ve been told I have acid reflux, anemia, IBS, etc. Medication for it didn’t work so obviously that is not it.

With some help and with Dr. Oz’s show on celiac disease, I think I may have that. I have most of the symptoms for it. I’m going to get the blood test for it hopefully soon. If I have it, it would be nice to know. It will also be really hard to deal with because it means I can’t have gluten. In other words, no bread or pasta and many other things that contain gluten in it. No treatment or pill I can take either, only “treatment” for it is – not having gluten.

Oh, and to top it all off I have a headlight out and my other one that was messed up from the deer accident a few years ago still isn’t working right. Hopefully it can all be fixed tomorrow. If not well I’ll be even more irritated and exhausted than I am right now.


Lee said...

One of my friends is allergic to gluten.
It's a bitch to go to lunch with him.
"What about this?"

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh geez, I hope everything goes okay with the blood test. I've had stomach problems too ever since I had my gall bladder out so I understand it. It totally is working with the tiredness. Maybe after the holidays things will calm down a lil for you. Feel Better!!

Andhari said...

This makes me wish for the weekend to come real soon so you can have a decent rest. I'm sorry dear. It'll all be better, don't try to take everything at once :)

Wendyburd1 said...

I hope you can find out what is causing the stomach problems, get the test for sure!

sheri amor said...

awwww sheri i hope you'll feel well.. you should have checked ur stomach okay? be well okay?

Sheri said...

Thanks for the support :) It means a lot. I wish on that Sunday I'd be able to rest... but I have a family Christmas party here... at least I don't have to go anywhere for it lol

Anonymous said...

Hope you can figure out the problem!
Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope they figure out what's wrong! Get some rest & feel better soon!