December 4, 2009

Guild Wars 2 Trailer: The Races of Tyria

Check out the new trailer to Guild Wars 2. In this one you can see more of the game and the races that you can play in it. In the original Guild Wars game you can only play as a human. So, I'm looking forward to playing as a Sylvari. If you play (or want to), which do you want to try out?

Amazing that they still won't be making you pay to play each month huh?


Melanie's Randomness said...

I used to play tabletop Dungeons & Dragons. This reminds me soo much of that. The graphics look pretty cool!!

Paula said...

That looks awesome. So cinematic!

I'd probably be a Sylvari as well, they sound a little like the Night Elves of WoW. Very hippy and woodsy in some ways.

It looks like a good sequel - will you guys get to port over your existing chars, or do you have to level up new ones?

Sheri said...

We can't port over existing characters. However, the Eye of the North expansion on the original GW game has a "Hall of Monuments" where we can add our accomplishments to it (armor, weapons, minipets, titles, heroes, pets) and then that will be in GW2. We don't know what these things will unlock for GW2 yet though.

Our GW character names are reserved for GW2 though, so that is pretty cool too. Most games don't offer any of those features so it is nice.

Karen said...

looks like it will be a good game

Lee said...

I'm amazed they haven't gone the route of WoW with the pay thing.

Debbie said...

Incredible! The new generation of games are breathtaking.