December 12, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Have you been watching this season of So You Think You Can Dance? I love it! Not sure which season is my favorite though. I love so many of the routines the show has had. Here are a couple of my favorites so far from this season.

Ashleigh and Jakob performing to Relax

Russell, Kevin and Legacy performing to a hip hop routine

My favorite dancers are Legacy and Ashleigh. I was so relieved that Ashleigh wasn’t voted off because she couldn’t dance last week due to an injury. However, Legacy somehow was voted out and won’t make it to the finale. At least this gives us a chance to see Ashleigh and her hubby Ryan dance together!

Are you watching this season? Any favorite routines or dancers?


Paula said...

I've been watching - Maybe not as much this season as other seasons. I liked the Relax routine; very 80s and well done!

Wendyburd1 said...

I haven't been as into it this season, and I am behind a week but accidentally saw my 2 faves voted off!! Legacy and Mollie were my faves!! What the crap?! I do not like Ryan at all, he ALWAYS has to show his chest no matter WHAT! They kicked off Legacy and kept Rico Suave?!! Yuckkkkk!

Andhari said...

I should give this a watch. People tell me how great the show is and I always love dancing!

Sheri said...

You should give it a try Andhari. :) I bet you would like it!

I know I can't believe Legacy was voted off. I would have thought he was going to win it all. I didn't vote though, so I can't whine about it too much huh?