December 26, 2009

You Tube Fun

Who doesn’t love at least a little? I’m not one who visits everyday for hours by any means. I’m more of an occasional video surfer for particular things I want to see.

While browsing it this month I came across some cool and funny things I’d like to share with you all. Enjoy!

Dog Saves another Dog in Traffic in Santiago, Chile

This is just amazing! Who says dogs aren’t caring animals?

The Twilight before Christmas
You know I love my Twilight and parodies so why not add the two together for a Christmas themed one? Love it!

So You Think You Can Dance – Ashleigh and Jakob dance to “Whatchya Say”
I can’t believe I forgot to add this routine to my favorites of the season…

So You Think You Can Dance – Russel and Kathryn dance to “I Can Transform Ya”
Congratulations to the winner, Russel – he is an amazing hip hop dancer!

Swine Flu + Justin Bieber Parody of “One Time”
It isn’t the best, but it is pretty funny.

HBO 2010
Looks like HBO’s series are going to be great in 2010… I can’t wait for True Blood though. More Eric Northman please!


Dree said...

Oh, how I love YouTube! It's how I catch up on my American soap! And I also love me some Twilight parodies!

Kym said...

ahhh yes, gotta love you tube! :) the dog one was so heartwarming... ;) and the SYTYCD dances are AWESOME! it was crazy when they were dancing with the girl on his shoulders!

Colaço said...

great videos! love your blog

Lucy said...

I get on Youtube here and there too. The videos are fun! Just watched all the ones you posted they were a lot of fun. The dances were super cool!!

Anonymous said...

LOve youtube!

Manju said...

I LOVED the twilight one xD
i hope xmas was great Sheri

Anonymous said...

The dog video was pretty neat!

Nashe^ said...

Wow... the dog rescue video totally moved me!

Toothfairy said...

Thanks for sharing this! I've never seen any american sytycd shows, but I love the Dutch ones! but ok... have to admit, the dutchies can't live up to the american dancers!


Andhari said...

LOL to that Justin Bieber parody. Sorry for the fans but that little dude really got on my nerves a lot. But maybe that's because I'm not a tween anymore.

Manju said...

happy new year sheri!!!! :D